College Conversations Podcast

How do you decide which college or post-secondary option is best for you? Join Project Success facilitator Kyle as he interviews MPS students and experts on important post-secondary related topics, all to help inform your decision-making process.

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Episode 1:

Decision Making


Episode 3:

Self Advocacy


Episode 12:

Pathways After High School (Part 3/3)

(Coming Soon! 4/14/21)

Episode 13:

Why Choose an HBCU?

(Coming Soon! 4/21/21)

Episode 14:

Undocumented Students and College; Myths & Advice

(Coming Soon! 4/28/21)

Episode 15:

What is Summer Melt and how do you keep cool?

(Coming Soon! 5/5/21)

Episode 16:

Connecting to your Purpose

(Coming Soon! 5/12/21)