Episode 16: Connecting to Your Purpose

What does it feel like to follow your dreams and passion? What are things to think about as you plan for the future? What are questions you can ask yourself to connect to your purpose? 

Join Kyle & Kiah as they hear from MPS students grade 6-12, alumni of MPS high schools, and community leaders on what it looks like to connect to your purpose and dream big for your future! 

Guest Speakers: 

ElizaAnwatin Middle School, Grade 6ThomasSanford Middle School, Grade 7Tasia, Olson Middle School, Grade 8  Kyla, South High School, Grade 9  Simon, Washburn High School, Grade 10  Maya, Southwest High School, Grade 11 Shruti, Edison High School, Grade 12 Dijon McCain, alumni of Patrick Henry, Radio/Television Personality, Journalist, Emcee, Podcaster  Fred Edwards, alumni of Washburn High School, Graduate Assistant at NDSU, Public Speaker Eleshaday Girma, alumni of South High School, third-year student at St. Cloud State University studying Public Health Lewis McCaleb/Lewiee Blaze, Artist, Activist, and Entrepreneur, Founder of N4 Dr. Padmini Udupa, Principal of Longfellow High School Adrienne Diercks, Founder and Executive Director of Project Success.

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In this video clip, Micah, Project Success Facilitator, explores some of the ways you can connect to your purpose.