Global Experiences

As part of our Expeditions programs, Global Experiences open up diverse opportunities to national and international cities and communities for students. Supervised trips and virtual tours and activities are purposefully planned based on students’ interests, availability and need.

Pen Pal Connections

January 2024 – March 2024

Pen Pal Connections is a unique opportunity to foster ongoing dialogue and understanding among youth around the globe. During a 12-week period, MPS students will have the opportunity to correspond with youth nationally or internationally through letter writing, video or audio recording. Through this series of connections, students learn about different lifestyles, cultures and perspectives, as they reflect upon their own!

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PS Global Connections

Travel with Project Success as we discover the world in which we live. Through a series of virtual events focusing on different locations around the globe, we celebrate what makes us each unique and highlight our shared humanity. We will explore different stories, experiences and perspectives through the lenses of history, art, culture, environment and global dialogue.

Virtual destination travel for the 2023-2024 season has not been scheduled yet, but check back for updates!

Check out some of our previous global connections…



Discovering Medellín, Colombia: A Guided Tour with Pablo Ospina

Watch a recording of the program by clicking here

Born and raised in Medellín, Colombia, professional tour guide Pablo Ospina will take us around to experience and understand part of the transformation that has been taking place in his hometown. You will discover how public transportation systems built with public investment and community teamwork helped the city to move forward.

Coming out of difficult times in their recent history, Pablo will talk about how the community came together to reclaim their neighborhood. Previously known as one of the most dangerous places to visit, this vibrant community is now known for its beautiful graffiti murals, street art performances, and open-air escalators. Join us as we learn about the various artists, street performers, community members and activists that are at the heart of Comuna 13 and understand why now the only risk in Colombia is wanting to stay longer or to come back.

Minneapolis is a sister city to Eldoret, Kenya. As such, we toured two different locations in Kenya! We visited the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Nanyuki. There, we got to virtually meet the last two northern white rhinos and hear more about the organization’s conservation efforts. To close out this voyage, we enjoyed a delicious Kenyan meal brought to us by Chef Raphael out of Nairobi. Discover more about our Kenyan travels!

A big part of our global travel includes a tour of Washington, DC. In 2021, we worked with our incredible partners at Howard University to create a virtual admissions presentation for our students. Additionally, we compiled a list of resources provided by the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) for students to explore the museum from the comfort of their home. Enjoy!

Questions about Project Success Global Experiences programming? Reach out to Senior Program Manager, Jenny Batten, or Program Associate, Josh McHenry.