Pen Pal Connections


Pen Pal Connections is a unique opportunity to foster ongoing dialogue and understanding among youth around the globe. During a 12-week period, MPS students will have the opportunity to correspond with youth nationally or internationally through letter writing, video or audio recording. Through this series of connections, students learn about different lifestyles, cultures and perspectives, as they reflect upon their own!

Pen Pal Orientation: Tuesday, January 9, 2024

At this orientation you will learn how to connect with your Pen Pal, what medium you can use to communicate, ground rules for safety and partner cities and countries around the world! After your orientation, you will get an email with your Pen Pal’s name and where they are from.  As soon as we assign you your Pen Pal, you can begin your first correspondence! All correspondence will be sent through Josh McHenry, Expeditions Associate, at Project Success.

Your first Letter is due: Monday, January 15, 2024

Send all letters, emails, recordings and video correspondence to

Letters will alternate back and forth between you and your Pen Pal every 2 weeks for 3 rotations.  At the end of March, we will  host a Pen Pal Meet & Greet over zoom!

Please reach out to Expeditions Associate, Josh, at or 612-876-3040 if you have any questions.

Pen Pal Connections is back! 


Register no later than December 30, 2023 so we can get started in pairing you with your Pen Pal!

Questions about Project Success Global Experiences programming? Reach out to Senior Program Manager of Expeditions, Jenny Batten, or Global Experiences Associate, Josh McHenry.