Episode 4: Community and Campus Support

How do you ask for support? Who can you go to? What resources are there and how can your community support you? Kyle connects with Derek (Manager of Counseling Services, Office of College and Career Readiness at MPS), Shonna (Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Augsburg), and Chelsea (10th grader, and PS alumni) about what do you need to feel supported on a college campus.

Resources for this Episode

  • Explore the Augsburg University website. 
  • Watch the Project Success Augsburg admissions chat. 
  • View the Augsburg virtual tour. 
  • Visit the MPS College & Career Readiness webpage. 
  • For colleges you are exploring, research their website or ask an admissions counselor what services they provide such as: writing centers, tutoring, career services, child care services, learning cohorts or communities, free or discounted health services like counseling or urgent care, health and wellness centers, IT departments to help with computer/internet issues, what their library hours are, how many and what student clubs and organizations there are, and what programs and events their campus or student life provides to experience the university and community. 

Next Steps for this Episode

In this video clip, Hana, Project Success Facilitator, explores what sort of support we need from our colleges in 5 different areas: socially, mentally, academically, financially, and career-wise.