Episode 9: Being a College Athlete

We like sports and we don’t care who knows! What do you need to know about being a college athlete? What are the benefits and challenges? What does it look like to play intramural or club sports?  Join Kyle and guest co-host Chase (alumni of Washburn, Division I basketball at University of Iowa) as they connect with Tylor Coley (FBC The North Coach, former Washburn girls’ basketball coach, and graduate of Grace College, NAIA Basketball), Morgan (alumni of Washburn, Division II soccer at Mankato) and Kenda (alumni of Washburn, intramural basketball at UW Milwaukee) about being a college athlete or playing club/intramural sports.

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In this video clip, Kosey, Project Success Facilitator, discusses the difference between varsity, club, and intramural sports in college.

Below is a click-through chart to help discover what pathway (varsity, club, or intramural) may be the best fit for you!

Athletic Pathways