Episode 12: Pathways after High School, Part 3

Warning: this podcast contains profanity at minute 36 & 43.

In part 1 and 2 we shared pathways to explore after high school. What if you’re told “you’ll never get a job or make money doing that?” In our final part, we connect with three local creatives on how you can follow your dreams and passion to forge your own path. Join Kyle as he connects with André s Pé rez (Photographer), Gaosong V. Heu (Artist, Entrepreneur, and Arts Educator) and Marcela Michelle (Artistic Director at 20% Theatre Company; Artistic Co-Director and Director of programming – Lightning Rod) to explore creative pathways.

Resources for this Episode

  • View André s Pé rez’s portfolio.  
  • View Gaosong V. Heu’s website.  
  • View Marcela Michelle’s upcoming productions at 20% Theatre Company.
  • Learn more about the University of Minnesota‘s Theatre Arts & Dance program.  
  • Learn more about Normandale Community College.
  • Learn more about MCAD, Minneapolis College of Art & Design. 
  • Explore a career in photography: Forensic Phtography, Portrait Photographer, Photojournalist, Photo Editor, Aerial Photographer and more. 
  • Explore a career in theater: Actor, Art Director, Producer, Playwright, Stage Manager, Set Designer, Sound Designer and more. 
  • Explore a career in music: Singer, Music Producer, Songwriter, Sound Technician, Record Producer, Music Therapist, Staff Publicist and more! 
  • Explore a career in the arts: Furniture Designer, Toy Designer, Art Historian, Poet, Floral Designer, Painter, Cinematographer, Food Stylist and more! 

Next Steps for this Episode

In this video clip, Micah, Project Success Facilitator, explores how you can create a vision board to help you think about your future and career in the arts or freelancing.


Click the button below to create a vision board to guide and remind you of the future you are envisioning for yourself:

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