Episode 2: First-Generation Scholars

What are the challenges of being the first in your family to go to college? How can you celebrate being the first? Who can you turn to for support in high school and in college? Kyle connects with Kenzie (Coordinator of Multicultural Outreach & Community Partnerships, Undergraduate Office of Admissions at UMNTC), Jeremiah (Program Manager at GEAR UP), and Hana (Facilitator at Project Success) on what it means to be the first to attend college. music by scottholmesmusic.com

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In this video clip, Sam, Project Success Facilitator, walks you through common college terms and phrases.

Below, check out our powerpoint College Vocab Inventory! When identifying as a First-Generation student, there can be a lot of new words and concepts to navigate when thinking about education after High School. Flip through this guide that has some of the most common and important terms to assist you and make you feel confident in your future decisions.

Project Success College Vocab