Theater experiences create a springboard for discussion – inviting risk-taking and possibility.

Professional Theater Experiences

Thanks to the generous donations of tickets from our 50+ theater partners, Project Success students and their families have access to professional performances after school and on weekends, within field trips during the school day, and within in-class theater residencies at no cost to them. Observing live theater performances and participating in a staged productions give students a window into the performing arts, from front of stage to behind the scenes.

Enriching shared family experiences

Through Project Success, students and their families attend diverse theater performances together, enriching their shared family experiences and increasing opportunities for interactions, which can lead to more positive family relationships and greater home support for youth— shown to have a positive impact on student achievement.

Setting students up for success

Students involved in the arts statistically have better academic outcomes, higher career goals and are more civically engaged than those who aren’t. The National Endowment for the Arts reports that arts engagement can help narrow the opportunity gap, contributing to graduation rates, college completion rates, and setting students up for greater employment and volunteer opportunities.

Matching shows to curriculum and life

Project Success approaches the selection of our theater events thoughtfully, consciously matching the content of shows to the curriculum students are learning through our in-class workshops. As facilitators discuss themes like decision making and overcoming obstacles with their students, they often use theater to help illustrate and foster discussion in class. We put an emphasis on diversity and the cultural relevance of the production, and ensure that students see themselves, and the things going on in their lives, reflected on stage.

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Middle School Musicals

Project Success coordinates musical theater productions with the support of participating middle schools. Putting on a high quality and successful theater performance contributes to young peoples’ skills, self-confidence and self-esteem. Students work in front of and behind the scenes, directly with professional directors and musicians and quality sound, sets and lighting. Each year Project Success thoughtfully tailors our musical season for each of our partner middle schools.

Helping students find their voice

Participating in a Project Success production catapults students forward on their journey towards finding their own voices. Teachers report students raising their grade point averages and becoming more motivated after being part of a Project Success musical, and students who participate in a Project Success-produced musical show a 6% average increase in GPA (20% after 3 years). 

Connecting and learning

To connect the themes of the show with their lives, Project Success staff do weekly workshops with students at rehearsal focusing on ideas like support and perseverance. The musical curriculum gives students the opportunity to reflect on the show, the rehearsal process, and the ways in which the stories they portray on stage can be meaningful in their lives outside of rehearsal and after the show has finished.  Each week focuses on a theme from the show with prompts and questions to guide reflection.

Project Success and Theater

  • Nearly 98% of high school students and 94% of middle school students found going to see plays with Project Success to be “valuable.”
  • More than 92% of students who attended a play said they would consider attending another play, given the chance.

Are you a Project Success student interested in requesting theater tickets or discovering other arts opportunities?