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Project Success Cooking Students Explore Malcolm Yards

On November 17 Project Success took 16 of our PS Institute cooking students to The Market at Malcolm Yards as a field trip. The Market aligns perfectly with the Institute’s curriculum of studying and creating cuisine and intersecting flavors, as well as each dish’s background. While the PS Institute’s Cooking Certificate is predominantly centered on honing practical life skills, many students are curious about future opportunities related to whichever certificate they are working towards. For our Cooking Institute students, this field trip was a great way to meet experienced chefs of various cuisines within a professional space. The Market at Malcolm Yards’ mission is to be “a community that supports dining and cocktail innovation.” As an “incubator to empower experienced and upcoming chefs,” it was the perfect place to explore with our food-passionate students.  

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Project Success works. We see statistically significant positive gains in on-time graduation rates, attendance, and most importantly grade point average, which is the greatest predictor of future success.”

Eric Moore
Senior Accountability, Research and Equity Officer

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