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Representation in Theater Ignites Conversations For Students

Theater has always been a core program at Project Success because we know the world is a better place when creativity is nurtured and every story is represented. These performances inspire dialogue and allow students to have deeper conversations with peers about their identities and societal issues. This is why we are proud to connect students to various theater experiences, residencies, and field trips throughout the year — giving every student a chance to see themselves represented within these stories and reflected on stage.  Learn more about our students theater experiences and why it’s an essential part of their education.  

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Project Success works. We see statistically significant positive gains in on-time graduation rates, attendance, and most importantly grade point average, which is the greatest predictor of future success.”

Eric Moore
Senior Accountability, Research and Equity Officer

Minneapolis Public Schools
and one of CASEL’s Social and Emotional Leaders of The Year 2021

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8th Annual Dreams to Action Breakfast: Connecting Students to Their Purpose

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of high school students report that Project Success helps them create a plan for after graduation.


Project Success’ Top 20 Highlights Through the 2021-2022 School Year!

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