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Project Success Serves 16,000 Students Each Year in 26 Minneapolis Public Schools


Our proven curriculum, delivered by our professional facilitators both in-class and as a part of other experiences, helps students dream, ignite and grow.

Our Proven Curriculum


We utilize the power of theater and the arts to inspire, build community, act as a springboard for discussion and encourage students to tell their own stories.

The Power of the Arts


Local & global expeditions allow students to explore the world, or see something familiar in a new way, opening doors to new possibilities for them.

Expeditions Expand Horizons


Certificates in computer coding, financial literacy, performing arts and wellness ignite possibilities for students and prepare them for life after high school.

Certificates in our Institute

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You Can't Cancel Love

Right now we all have questions in the face of uncertainty, but there are things we do know. We know that our students need us now more than ever, and we know that YOU CAN’T CANCEL LOVE, hope, and the relationships that we’ve built over years.

For 26 years, Project Success has been there to help connect students to their purpose and to tap into that limitless potential each of them has within. We have not stopped, we will not stop, and your support will continue to make it possible.

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Project Success Outcomes

Project Success works. We see statistically significant positive gains in on-time graduation rates, attendance, and most importantly grade point average, which is the greatest predictor of future success.”

Eric Moore
Chief of Academics and Accountability, Research and Equity

Minneapolis Public Schools

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students served within 26 years

Dreams to Action Breakfast: A World of Opportunities

Project Success Student Story: Christina Oey

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of high school students report that Project Success helps them create a plan for after graduation.



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years of connecting students to their purpose


New Year, New Look: Project Success Goes Big and Bold for Students in 2019

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goal setting workshops for students each year in-class