About Us

For nearly 30 years, Project Success has been transforming thousands of students’ lives through a proven model of innovative experience learning.

Project Success motivates and inspires each student in every school we serve to dream about their futures, help them create a plan to get there, and give them the tools and support they need to achieve their goals.

Over the course of seven years — beginning in grade 6 and continuing through grade 12 — we engage students in-class through a facilitated curriculum and through local-to-global expeditions, arts programming, and skills-based certificates.

Founded in 1994, working with 200 students at North High School in Minneapolis, Project Success has grown to serve more than 15,000 Minneapolis students annually in 22 Minneapolis public schools. We serve all seven Minneapolis core high schools.

90% of high school students report that Project Success helps them think about their futures, set goals and create a plan for graduation.

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Program Components

We achieve our goals through the four components of our program:

  • Workshops: In-class activities guide experiential
    learning for students in grades 6-12.Each month, a Project Success facilitator guides experiential programming using our proven curriculum that complements students’ academic work.
  • Arts: Theater experiences create a springboard for discussion — inviting risk-taking and possibility. Observing live theater performances and participating in a staged productions give students a window into the performing arts, from front of stage to behind the scenes.
  • Expeditions: Adventures expose diverse opportunities to colleges, nature settings, and international cities. Supervised trips (locally to globally) are purposefully planned based on students’ interests, availability, and need.
  • Institute: Certificates and programs build critical life and career skills that enrich one’s independence. Participating in out-of-school courses and events led by diverse and experienced content experts satisfy students’ interests and provides relevant skills for the future.

Project Success complements the work of teachers and counselors by enriching the core curriculum and creating long-term relationships with students over seven years.

All program components are designed and proven to help students gain confidence and resilience in creative thinking, decision making, goal setting, and resourcefulness while developing the skills and generating the support to plan their futures.


Phone: 612-874-7710
Email: info@projectsuccess.org