Episode 15: What is Summer Melt and How Do You Keep Cool?

What is “summer melt” and why should high school seniors be looking out for it? How can you strike a balance between enjoying your summer and preparing for college after high school graduation?  Kyle connects with Derek Francis (Manager of Counseling Services at Office of College and Career Readiness at MPS), Kumar Balasubrahmanyan, (Senior Director of Community Partnerships and Engagement at College Possible), Jim Bierma (Executive Director at the Office of College and Career Readiness for MPS), and Laura Garcia (Director of Schools & Curriculum at Project Success) to talk about what happens the summer before attending college in the fall. 

Resources for this Episode

  • Check out College Possible at MPS schools of Edison, Roosevelt, North, and Patrick Henry. 
  • View who your MPS high school counselor is and how to connect with them or reach out to your school’s CCC office. 
  • After you’ve made your college choice, what next? Check your email account(s), mail, and college student portal frequently for next stepsAsk your college for a checklist with important deadlines or use a generic checklist from CollegeBoard or CollegeChoice. 

Next Steps for this Episode

In this video clip, Alana, Project Success Facilitator, shares the Summer Melt Bingo Card, and leads us through thinking about what we want to accomplish over the summer months.

Download the bingo board below (or create your own) and follow along with Alana in the video above.

Summer Melt Checklist (Readiness Bingo)

Next, check out the Summer Melt Organizer by clicking the button below. This is a guide to help you stay organized as you transition and head off to college. Feel free to customize and make this your own organizer!

Summer Melt Organizer