In-Class Workshops

Every student at Minneapolis public school partner middle and high schools receives monthly in-class workshops in their English or Language Arts classrooms. In-class activities guide cumulative development for students as they gain tools, purpose, and confidence. 

Workshops are led by Project Success Facilitators who guide experiential programming that complements students’ academic work. Facilitators work with students as they move through grades, developing supportive relationships with the students, their families and teachers along the way. 

Since 1994, Project Success (PS) has been connecting students to their purpose through a proven methodology of experiential learning called DIG – Dream. Ignite. Grow. Clear social and emotional learning and future planning objectives are built into our curriculum, which is incorporated into all PS activities and are delivered by professional staff.


Each grade level has a clear curricular focus which is explored monthly through workshop objectives that helps students explore the following questions:

6th Grade: How do I dream for my future while building community?

7th Grade: What are goals? How do I set and achieve goals?

8th Grade: How can I be a leader and prepare for my transition into high school?

9th Grade: Who am I? What do I want out of high school?

10th Grade: How do I make conscious decisions?

11th Grade: How do I take action, ask questions, and overcome obstacles?

12th Grade: How does my plan help me prepare for life after high school?

Questions about Project Success Workshops programming? Reach out to Senior Program Manager Micah Peterson-Brandt.