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Project Success College Tours are open to all 9th-12th grade students at our partner high schools, which are Edison, FAIR, Longfellow Alternative, North, Patrick Henry, Roosevelt, South, Southwest, Washburn and Wellstone International.

We offer opportunities to visit a variety of colleges both in Minnesota and out-of-state throughout the year. Tours are offered on non-holiday and non-school days. Our tours are fun, informative and include admissions presentations, campus tours, multicultural presentations, student panels, Project Success workshops, meals, and more, all at no cost to you!

For single day college tours, availability is first come, first serve. It is recommended that you turn in your application as soon as you can before the due date.

All tours start and end at the Project Success office located at One Groveland Terrace, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55403.

Students on the Chicago college tour with Project Success

How To Sign Up

1. Choose your tour(s):

Our non-school day College & Career tours for 2019-2020 have passed. Check back September 2020 for our 2020-2021 tours. Our next tours will be:

  • Wednesday, October 14, 2020
  • Thursday, October 15, 2020
  • Friday, October 16, 2020
  • Friday, November 6, 2020

Chicago College Tour

The 2020 Chicago College Tour has been canceled.

2. Fill out the application before the deadline!

There are three ways to apply.

Apply Online
Apply online by completing our online application

There are no Project Success College and Career Tours to apply for at this time.

Or, Download a PDF
Download a PDF and return it to us:

There are no Project Success College and Career Tours to apply for at this time.

Or, Get an Application at School
Pick up a paper application from the bright red Project Success box and return the completed paper application to your school at these locations:

Edison Career and College Center (Room 219, see Nora Guerin or Andrew Peterson)
FAIR Career and College Center (Main Office)
Longfellow Career and College Center
North Career and College Center (Room 677-678, see Arnise Roberson)
Patrick Henry College and Career Center (Room 169, see Nou Vang)
Roosevelt College and Career Center (Room 207, see Amanda Justen or Eric Rodgers)
South Main Office
Southwest Counseling Suite
Washburn College and Career Center (Room 107, see Danielle Seifert or Munira Mohamed)
Wellstone Career and College Center (Room B100, see Chris Stoltenberg)

3. Receive a phone call or message

A Project Success staff person will call you to inform you of your application status. College & Career tours are offered first-come first-serve, so please note you may get your 2nd or 3rd choice tours. Check your voice messages and emails for confirmation responses by Project Success. If you are no longer able to attend, please call or email Project Success to let us know.

Please note that you are not registered for a tour until you receive confirmation from Project Success, and submitting your application does not guarantee you a spot on any tour/s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Contact us:

Phone: 612-874-7710


Fax: 612-377-3540

Mail to: Project Success, Attn: College Tours, One Groveland Terrace, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Si necesita ayuda en español o si tiene algunas preguntas, contacte a Anne a o 612-874-7710

Who can attend?

For all day tours, all students from Edison, FAIR, Longfellow, North, Patrick Henry, Roosevelt, South, Southwest, Washburn and Wellstone can attend. The Chicago College Tour, which is an overnight tour, is limited to grades 11-12.

Does the tour cost anything?

College day Tours and Career & College Tours (all tours but Chicago) are provided at no cost to students. For tours where timing overlaps with lunch or dinner, we provide meals and snacks!

There is a fee charged to students for the four day overnight college tour to Chicago. Project Success offers need-based reduced trip fees for the cost of the Chicago College Tour. If you have questions – contact Kiah at

I don’t have a car! How do I get to Project Success?

All tours start and end at the Project Success office located at One Groveland Terrace, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55403. Please arrange transportation to and from the Project Success office. Click the link below to see common routes to Project Success via bus, light rail, and car. If you don’t have a bus pass, you can pick up a free one-way pass at the same place you picked up the application. There is also free street parking near Project Success and a ramp at the Walker – check in with a friend or relative who might be going on the tour and if they have a spot for you in their vehicle.

If you have concerns or questions about transportation please call Kiah at 612-876-3910 or email as soon as possible. Project Success is dedicated to making these tours accessible.

Directions to Project Success

What should I bring on the tour?

We recommend wearing a good pair of shoes as there will be a lot of walking on campus. Check the weather a day or so beforehand or bring a sweater if you think you might get cold on the bus. Some students bring water bottles or a small bag with a notebook and pencil to write notes with. Also, before attending in the morning – we highly recommend eating breakfast!

What if I have access needs?

If you have any access needs, call Kiah at 612-876-3910 or email Kiah at so that we can set up the appropriate transportation and accessible campus tours if needed.

What is the Chicago College Tour?

The Chicago College Tour is open to 11th and 12th grade students from all of our partner high schools. This is a four day, overnight college tour to Chicago taking place over students’ spring break. Students can choose tracks comprised of different colleges and universities to visit while in Chicago. The applications will be available on our website and at partner schools by the first week of January. The cost of the tour is $350. Included in this price is transportation to and from Chicago on a coach bus, transportation within the Chicago area, college walking tours and information sessions, overnight accommodations for three nights, and all meals while in Chicago. Project Success seeks to include all students who are serious about their Chicago college search, regardless of cost, and provides need-based, reduced trip fee waivers for $50-$350 of the cost.

How are you able to provide this programming?

Our programming, transportation, and food are provided in thanks to our generous donors.