Outdoor Adventures

Are you outdoorsy? 

We asked Project Success staff what they like to do when they get outside and here is what some of them had to say…




Stay tuned to hear from more PS staff and how they connect with nature!


A student participating in a PS Outdoor AdventureCOMING SOON!
PS Outdoor Adventure Series: Explore-Learn-Lead

Enjoying the outdoors means many different things to different people. For some it could mean sports, family picnics, gardening, or taking a walk outside your front door. For others it could mean “car camping” at state and national parks, back packing, paddling, rock climbing or adventure travel. This livestream series is for everyone, whether you are just beginning to recognize your connection to nature, consider yourself a nature enthusiast, or are somewhere in between! Join Project Success as we explore different perspectives on access, appreciation of nature and outdoor recreation and provide resources for your future outdoor adventures!

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Questions about Project Success Outdoor Adventures programming? Reach out to Program Manager Jenny Batten:

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PS Fall Nature Bingo

PS Fall Nature Bingo is a way to enjoy the outdoors, learn a bit about our local green spaces and discover new fun facts about nature and the creatures who inhabit it!

To play PS Fall Nature Bingo, you will need to download and use the Cluster app. New to using Cluster? Watch our tutorial video.


Other Virtual Opportunities to Explore

The following are links to virtual exploration as well as a few ideas to maximize your joy in the outdoors!

  • Makoce Stories: Makoce Stories takes you around iconic Twin Cities’ locations and gives you a Native American perspective of the land that was before colonization. Hover over certain locations on their map and listen in on information that educates about the history and cultural significance of that respected site.
  • Wilderness Inquiry: Our partners at Wilderness Inquiry have created some great online resources and opportunities for youth! Check out resources on Outdoor History and Culture, Environmental Science and Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation and Stewardship.
  • Article by Nadia Mercado: I Said I Wasn’t Outdoorsy … But I Lied
  • The Hidden World of the National Parks (from Google Arts & Culture): Follow rangers on a journey most people never go!
  • The Science Museum of Minnesota: The Science Museum of Minnesota has reopened, but they are also keeping up their digital content including articles, videos, activities and other learning tools.
  • 7 Ways to Rekindle Your Sense of Awe Outside—and Why (from REI’s blog): This article was written before the Covid-19 outbreak.  It has some great ideas that we can try now while we are practicing social distancing and some ideas to save for later!