Project Success Partner Teachers

For almost 30 years, Project Success has been making a difference in the lives of thousands of students by giving them innovative experiential learning opportunities. Over the course of seven years — beginning in grade 6 and continuing through grade 12 — we engage students in-class through facilitated workshops and through local-to-global expeditions, arts programming, and skills-based certificates.

There are four components of our programming designed to help students connect to their purpose:  curriculumartsexpeditions and certificates.

Each year, our professional facilitators lead workshops based on a specifically designed curriculum developed for each grade level. The curriculum guides students through a variety of unique exercises, experiences and discussions to help them look at their interests, strengths and desires for the future.

You can direct your students to our Find a Program page to register for Project Success opportunities, or click the links at the right to discover what special opportunities are offered specific to your school.

As a Partner Teacher, your support is critical to our mission of transforming students’ lives. We’re excited to work together to help students discover their full potential!

Find and learn more about your Project Success Facilitator here!