The Lion King 2019

Starring Anwatin 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Student Actors & Technicians

The 2019 Project Success-produced Anwatin musical, The Lion King, will take the stage at 7:00pm on May 31st and June 1st, 2019. Tickets are $5 each and no advance ticket reservation is necessary.

Director: Lindsay Fitzgerald
Associate Director: Jeffrey Wells
Choreographer: Trudy Monette
Music Director: Cheryl Reeves
Production Manager: Katie Langemo
Assistant Production Manager: Kinzie Wiklander

The Lion King is an exciting stage adaptation of the 1994 Disney animated film. It’s the story of Simba, the lion prince, and his life in the African Pride Lands. When he is driven into exile by a tragedy, he meets some new friends and grows up in the jungle. As an adult, he’s called back to his home to save his suffering kingdom.


Rafiki: Jerilyn Moya-Hypolite

Mufasa: Lucy Martinez

Zazu: Sylvia Fleck

Scar: Sara Marie Connors

Young Simba: Uriah Minnis

Simba: Jashion Cork

Young Nala: Amari Clark

Sarabi: Alma Soave

Nala: Ophelia Nelsen

Banzai: Toni Baker

Shenzi: Ronni Johnson

Ed: Monte Bear Fitzgerald

Timon: Charlie Morris

Pumba: Izzy Sillers

Sarafina: Lucia Engstrum


Hyena Chorus

Marina Amigon
Rose Marie Antonio Bell
Luciana Calvo
Diego Eduardo Brenes
Sha’Diamond Edwards
Sawyer Erstad
Lola Hurckman
Madeline Klang-Wiley
Mairen Kohlmeyer
James Luna
Ella Matthews
Ani McQuillen
Sophia Mehlhoff
Gabriell Smith
Louis Stillman
Desmond Taylor

Lioness Chorus

Libby Bures
Ruby Clementson
Eve DeRemer
Aviva Fisher
Isabelle Kral
Selma Myers
Keylani Powell
Cy Taylor
Lana Vang
Scarlett Wight
Adler Young