Annie 2013

Starring Anwatin Student Actors & Technicians

Enthusiastically and beautifully performed by Anwatin Middle School 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in May and June 2013.

Director: Jeffry Lusiak
Choreography: Trudy Monette
Musical Direction: Anita Ruth

Annie is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International.

On May 31 and June 1, 2013, over of 60 Anwatin’s 6th, 7th and 8th grade actors and technicians inspired and entertained audiences with three heartwarming performances of the musical Annieabout an optimistic 11-year-old orphan girl whose only wish is to find her parents. Students rehearsed every day for eight weeks with professional artists and quality sound, lighting, sets and costumes. The school musical is one of the key ways in which Project Success helps students build confidence, gain new experiences, and learn more about themselves and each other through the power of theater.


ANNIE: Morganna Oberdorfer
GRACE FERRELL: Merideth Jolstad

LILLY ST. REGIS: Eloise Boigenzahn
DRAKE: Simon Midtbo
BERT HEALY: Saysetha Philaphandeth
BOYLEN SISTERS: Soumeiya Asuwe, Mary Miranda, Bola Ogunlana


Orphan Ensemble:
Amina Adem
Anja Henne
Brian Jordan
Camryn Simmons
Emily Abel
Faydane Ouro-Akondo
Hannah Brogdon
Imani Gates
Jamal Greene
Jasmine Salter
Juan-Pablo Guillen
Kimberly Caballero
Lieana Neal
Lizbet Martinez-Port
Lydia Zupanc
Melana Hatch
Paige Simmons

Quinlan Brogdon
Quinn Morris
Ruby Roettger
Sophia Rapacz
Stephanie Krause
Trey Gates
Xena Romero

Mansion Ensemble:
Ana Freeberg
Ashia Maxwell
Belem Gomez Vega
Ellie Rimington
Emily Miller
Handsome Kelvington-Rognholt
Jamarice Aron
Joanne Phetsamone
Juan-Pablo Guillen

Katheryn Lochen
Laurel Struwe
Leniya Morrow
Mariana Jordan
Margarita Gandara
Marli Lewis
Mayra Rendon
Neavah Lindsey
Nelson Mejia
Odessia Schmidt
Olivia Schmidt
Quintairen Bailey
Sofia Lent
Sienna Simmons
Tanizhay Freeman
Xavier Goodman