Project Success planted the seeds for the lesson I now understand – the importance of values, dreams, setting goals, imagining the impossible and going for it.

Shaadia Muyne, Patrick Henry High School and Augsburg University Graduate
Shaadia’s Story



“Project Success showed me a new future. They took time to ask the question, ‘What’s next?’ They helped me to think about my future in a new way, combining my interests with real, tangible opportunities. I wouldn’t be in college today if it wasn’t for Project Success.”

Antonio Hunt, South High School Graduate and MCTC Student
Antonio’s Story


You were a great role model in my young life, lending me strength and offering me foresight to push past a dark legacy”…”all those hours of tutoring ACT, discussing Guthrie shows, and participating in college tours were not in vain. Those activities were instrumental in my young life, inspiring me to dream big and reach far. You took a risk, believed in me, and ultimately gave me the motivation and confidence to grow into the person I’m so happy to be today.”

North High School and University of Minnesota Graduate
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“Things weren’t always perfect. And that’s another reason I have a lot of respect for Project Success. They continued to provide endless opportunities. Project Success always seemed to be there, no matter what.”

Brittany Mayfield-Lane, Anwatin Middle School, Southwest High School, and Metro State Graduate, and Simmons College Master’s Student


“When I first entered high school, I hated school, actually got an F and had no intention of going to college whatsoever. I thought because my parents were so poor, and nobody had been to college before, that I couldn’t even get in. When I received an F in math, I told one of the Project Success leaders, and she helped me raise my grade the following semester. From then on, I received A’s in high school. You guys seriously made me feel like I could do anything I wanted. “

Christina Oey, North High School and University of Minnesota Graduate
Christina’s Story


“Project Success makes the classroom a place dedicated to the visions and futures of children in ways it is difficult for a teacher alone to accomplish. This is the aspect I am most thankful for…a service I never allowed myself to anticipate because it is so ideal, so perfectly aligned with the needs of our children.”

George Roberts, First English Teacher Partner, North High School, Minneapolis



“Project Success is filling a void in the lives of young people, a serious void that must be filled in order that our students can look forward to meaningful, productive lives.”

Cheryl Creecy, Former Deputy Superintendent, Minneapolis Public Schools

“Project Success’ classroom workshops help our students develop tools for self-reflection, community- building and goal-setting and their professional theater experiences inspire, challenge, and spark dialogue and offer important artistic opportunities for our students and their families. As a result of Project Success’ work each month in and outside of the classroom, kids build more adult and peer support, more self-understanding, and more life skills critical to their development – helping us as educators increase student engagement, motivation, and creative-thinking and build a stronger, more supportive school environment; one that nurtures each student’s academic and life Success.”

Michael Bradley, Principal, Roosevelt High School