The Market at Malcolm Yards, a Place of Exploration for the Project Success Cooking Institute Students

November 23, 2021

On November 17 Project Success took 16 of our PS Institute cooking students to The Market at Malcolm Yards as a field trip. The Market aligns perfectly with the Institute’s curriculum of studying and creating cuisine and intersecting flavors, as well as each dish’s background. While the PS Institute’s Cooking Certificate is predominantly centered on honing practical life skills, many students are curious about future opportunities related to whichever certificate they are working towards. For our Cooking Institute students, this field trip was a great way to meet experienced chefs of various cuisines within a professional space. The Market at Malcolm Yards’ mission is to be “a community that supports dining and cocktail innovation.” As an “incubator to empower experienced and upcoming chefs,” it was the perfect place to explore with our food-passionate students.  

The process of getting students to The Market at Malcolm Yards started in mid-May thanks to Project Success’ Director of Administration, Caitlin Devos, learning of the new venue’s desire to partner with community organizations. Navigating the pandemic and the challenges of safety protocols, the field trip finally came to fruition in November. Students arrived in The Market bright-eyed and excited. This field trip was the first in-person excursion Institute students had since a different Project Success Cooking Certificate cohort visited the Uptown Cub foods in fall 2019, where they navigated grocery shopping.  

 During the field trip our high schoolers learned how to make delicious homemade gnocchi with Chef Joey (Joshua Hedquist), owner of Joey Meatballs at Malcolm Yards. And afterward, students were able to converse with Chef Joey and learned more about his career journey: from exploring the kitchen in his teenage years to cooking for celebrities such as Kayne West and Kevin Hart.  

Generously, The Market at Malcolm Yards gave students access to enjoy all the food options available to them for free. Sushi, ice cream, salmon, chicken, pasta, and empanadas were just a few of the foods our students enjoyed. And they certainly ate their fill! 

James Rone, the Institute Program Manager at Project Success, had this to say about the overall experience, “I’m grateful to Molly Herrman and Josh Hedquist (Chef Joey) for making the time and the significant donation of food and funds to make this experience special for our students.” 

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