Episode 19: How Can I Navigate Stress?

What is ‘stress’ and why is it so hard to work through? Why does my brain stop me from completing tasks when I’m stressed? 

Join Savannah and co-host PS Facilitator Andy as they connect with Derek Francis (Manager of Counseling Services for Minneapolis Public Schools) and Wynn Haight (12th grader from South High School) to talk through what “stress” means from the point of view of our bodies experiencing it, what it causes us to feel, the language we can use to talk about it, and what happens when we try and work through stress to finish our college application, or study for that next test. Whether you are just starting off your academic journey or getting ready to graduate, we can work on building skills around understanding how we can navigate the feelings of stress at different points in our lives.

Resources for this Episode

  • Check out this direct link to the MPS Mental Health Services webpage for students and guardians
  • Want to try your own body scan like the one Andy led? Click here
  • Here’s another led meditation you can try!
  • Learn more about the effectiveness and science of meditation here!
  • Interested in learning more about anxiety? Check out the ADAA or Anxiety & Depression Association of America to learn more
  • Try out some other mindfulness and stress relief activities here with Change to Chill by Allina Health!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, there are many places of support for you. Who do you feel safe and comfortable connecting with? A teacher or staff person at your school, a family member, a friend, someone at your place of worship or community center, a coach, or your doctor? If you don’t feel you have someone to connect with, you can also call the national hotlines listed below: