Episode 18: Paying for College and Other Money Conversations

What do I need to know about paying for college in 2021? How do I sustain and balance work and school? How do I keep earning/finding that money?

Join Savannah and co-host PS Facilitator Hana as they connect with Daniel Matamoros (Associate Director of Financial Aid at Loyola University Chicago), Kevin Ario (Managing Director of Investment Management at Wells Fargo), and Ryan Deutsch (newly graduated Washburn High School and PS alum) to talk through what “paying for college” means for students in 2021, what are some of the important financial terms and ideas you should know going in, and ways to plan your finances in and outside of college. 

Resources for this Episode

  • View a timeline for the financial aid process to get to college here!

  • Explore the concept of “financial literacy” with BestPrep’s Financial Literacy vidoes

  • Play Time for Payback — a game that helps you play through what paying for college can look like

  • View ILStudentMoney’s webinars on Tackling Taxes, Save Money on Food, Health Insurance, Investing Basics and Budget Hacks to learn more about other money conversations!

  • Click through this other resources for hands on banking for high school students

  • Try the Department of Education’s Loan Simulator to see what your federal aid can look like 

  • Check out Daniel’s school, Loyola University Chicago 

  • Want to learn more about subsidized versus unsubsidized loans? Start with this easy video here!