Nora Targonski-O’Brien


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Nora is a New Jersey native who moved to Minnesota in 2009. Since childhood, she has been involved in theatre arts thanks to some early encouragement from a mentor. As an actor, Nora has worked on roles ranging from Anne Frank and Blanche DuBois to Bilbo Baggins and performed in many venues across the Midwest touring with CLIMB theatre. Her film work includes leading roles in three feature films, most recently, Sins of the Father, Streaming on Hulu and Amazon. When she is not playing a role herself, Nora enjoys directing young actors to help them find a creative outlet to express their voices and values. Nora has worked as a teaching artist and actor for Climb, Yellow Tree Theatre, and many other youth theater organizations throughout the Twin Cities. Project Success’ model of arts, mentorship, and putting kids first closely align with her passions. Nora is inspired to be part of such a dynamic and talented team at Project Success and is honored to work with Minneapolis youth to reach for their dreams.