Mission, Vision & Values

The mission, vision and values that guide Project Success staff, volunteers, board, and partners.

Our Mission

Project Success motivates and inspires young people to dream about the future, helps them take steps to get there and gives them the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Our Vision

Every child entering middle school will graduate high school with a plan for their future and have the skills and confidence that will take them through the rest of their lives.


Our Values

1. Kids First!

Our work is led by a passion for young people. We are here first and foremost because we believe in young people and the power they have to create successful happy lives. The principle of “Kids First” guides decisions and programming.

2. A Non-Judgmental Environment

We meet every person and situation with openness and acceptance. Project Success operates in a fair and balanced system that offers all students an equal playing field – an environment that is conducive to their growth and to taking the necessary steps toward achieving their dreams.

3. Love is the Key

We maintain a positive outlook, and remind ourselves to always come from a place of love. We recognize that a patient and loving response to any situation is always the best answer.

4. Clear and Open Communication

We are committed to maintaining an open, honest, and ongoing communication with all who are involved with Project Success. This includes co-workers, students, school staff, parents, families, theater partners, our supporters, and general members of the community.

5. Dependability, Reliability, and Trust

We are committed to always being dependable, reliable, and trustworthy in order to create a healthy environment in the workplace, schools, theaters, and community.

6. Willingness to Grow and Change

We value ongoing personal and organizational learning and growing through self-assessment, creative thinking, and problem solving to better serve our mission.

7. Develop Healthy Relationships

Through teamwork and the constant application of our values, we will develop and maintain healthy relationships with students and families, school and theater staff, co-workers, and people in the community.

8. Sustain Excellence

We are committed to excellence in every area of our organization. By constantly adhering to these core values, we will sustain an inspiring, effective and high quality program.