We love and appreciate our volunteers for dedicating their time, energy, and talents toward helping students connect to their purpose. There are many opportunities to volunteer that will accommodate different schedules and capacities. Whether you’re interested in driving students to the theater, coaching classes, lending a hand at events, or supporting behind-the-scenes administrative tasks, there is something available for everyone!

Ready to get involved? Check out our current opportunities below. Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form to share your interests and a staff member will reach out to you with the next steps. 

Join us in inspiring young people to dream about their futures!  

Please note that all volunteers working directly with students are required to undergo a background check and adhere to any COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Volunteer Opportunities


Project Success collaborates with over 50 Twin Cities theater partners who generously donate tickets and help us coordinate theater experiences for students, families, and teachers. These theater experiences are provided at no cost for students and their families, with transportation services available to ensure everyone can attend. Our volunteer drivers play a crucial role in increasing access to these incredible theater opportunities.

As a volunteer driver, you will primarily be picking up students and their families for Theater Experiences. Volunteers use their own vehicles to transport students and families from their homes to one of our over 50 fantastic theater partners in the Twin Cities. We encourage volunteers to engage with students and families in the car, during intermission, and on the ride back home. This not only ensures students receive transportation but also builds a sense of community between volunteers and families while sharing in the joy of live theater.

How Does It Work? 
Volunteer drivers receive a survey each month with a list of upcoming theater events, usually between 10 and 25 shows. Drivers have the flexibility to choose as many or as few events for which they are available to drive each month. Once assigned to drive, volunteers receive detailed instructions for how to contact families and attend the show (and of course our staff are always available to support!)
Additionally, volunteer drivers receive two complimentary tickets each time they provide a ride, as well as when we have extra tickets for shows throughout the month.
The best part: drivers truly choose their own time commitment, and they get to enjoy top-notch theater for free!

In addition to Theater Experiences, there will be further opportunities to drive for Project Success, such as for our Institute Certificate classes and out-of-school programming. We will keep our volunteer drivers informed of any additional opportunities as they come up.

Drivers are required to pass a background check and complete a short screening interview.


The Project Success Institute is a place where Minneapolis high school students can take free classes in subjects including bicycle tech, money management, baking, coding, and cooking. Located at our office at 1 Groveland Terrace, this evening program is designed to give students a deeper dive into the professional and technical life skills they need to make their way in the world. Volunteer coaches help facilitate conversations, ask questions of students to drive learning and interest, and have the opportunity to share their real-life experiences with students.
Now accepting interest forms for the 2024-2025 academic school year

Volunteer bike tech coaches help students learn to maintain their bicycles alongside a Bike Professor trained by Quality Bicycle Products’ Break the Cycle program. Topics covered during a typical trimester include how to fix a flat tire, bearing adjustments, wheel truing, and many more! 
Additionally, coaches and students have the opportunity to enjoy slow rolls around the surrounding neighborhood, weather permitting.
No previous experience in bicycle tech is required to volunteer. 

Coaches are required to pass a background check and complete a short screening interview.

Volunteer baking coaches help students learn about home baking in hands-on workshops that will equip them with the skills necessary to create delicious treats from various baking traditions. Topics covered during a typical trimester include baking basics, recipe reading, baked goods presentation, baking science, and much more! 
No previous experience in baking is required to volunteer. 

Coaches are required to pass a background check and complete a short screening interview.

Volunteer cooking coaches help experienced and unexperienced student cooks create delicious, inexpensive meals from around the world. Topics covered during a typical trimester include knife techniques, heat techniques, seasoning and flavor understanding, food preparation, and how to shop for food.
No previous experience in cooking is required to volunteer.

Coaches are required to pass a background check and complete a short screening interview.


In addition to student-facing volunteer roles, we have opportunities for administrative and development volunteer work. Our development and administrative volunteers keep things running smoothly behind the scenes, helping us to continue working towards our mission.

The Project Success Engagement and Outreach (E&O) Committee is a dynamic and passionate group of community members that meets bimonthly with Development and Communications staff to increase community awareness and support. Activities include planning and executing fund- and friend-raising events such as Dine Out nights or fitness fundraisers, social media outreach to support the organization, and providing volunteer support for larger fundraising efforts such as mailings, large fundraising events, and/or peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. E&O Committee members also have the opportunity to host a Lunch and Learn event at their corporate office to increase visibility and spread awareness of Project Success and gain a service hour opportunity. E&O Committee members benefit from networking with each other, working with local businesses and organizations to support Project Success, and contributing to the important mission of connecting students to their purpose. 

Throughout the year, there may be volunteer support needed for administrative work at the Project Success office or out in the community at fundraising events. This work could include addressing, stuffing, and sealing envelopes for mailings, packaging up supplies or items for students and families, writing letters of encouragement to Project Success students, or a variety of other tasks. Volunteers in this category will be reached out to throughout the year on an as-needed basis by members of the PS staff team.

A Rewarding Experience:

“Being a volunteer for Project Success is one of the most satisfying volunteer opportunities for me. I like connecting with students during the drive to events and sitting with them. We are all part of the Northside Minneapolis neighborhood, so it is good to meet the kids who will be tomorrow’s adults in my area. I try to bring a positive experience into their lives, sitting with me as an adult, having conversation, and sometimes seeing them dressing up for a special play or event. Every time I see them enjoy something ‘new’, and they open up, we have some wonderful conversations. They are as surprised by me as I am by them. Project Success is something special in ALL of our lives.”
 – Lynne Young, Volunteer Driver


If you have any questions, please email Kim Medina Banuelos Kimberlymb@projectsuccess.org or call 612-876-3045.

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