9th Annual Dreams to Action Breakfast: Our PS Community’s Reflection of Nearly 30 Years of Connection

April 20, 2023

On April 20, we held our annual Dreams to Action Breakfast (#DTA23), celebrating nearly 30 years of connecting students to their purpose. The morning started with some of our musical students from Sanford Middle School singing “Better Together” from this year’s musical performance from Disney’s Descendants: The Musical.

Our keynote speaker, alumna Jaye Parker, shared her inspiring story and how Project Success impacted her during her young adulthood.

“When I decided to go to culinary school, I didn’t want to go to just ANY culinary school. I wanted to go to the best. Because like Adrienne once said to me, ‘Dream big and work your way up there.’ I did that. I dreamt big and found a way to get there despite everything else.” — Jaye

Hear more from our students, alumni, volunteers and more in our new video:

“Our students inspire me every day because they are hopeful and resilient. They are completely unique and have everything inside of them they need – the dreams to not only create a life they want but to also unlock their potential to do something only they can contribute to the world. To do that, our students need opportunities of excellence, exposure to new and different experiences over time and they need many caring adults. Our values around Kids First doesn’t change. But what’s changed is the circumstances and urgency and the fact that we need this work.”

— Adrienne Diercks

Every contribution made at the breakfast helps us to motivate and inspire more than 15,000 students to dream about the future, help them take steps to get there and give them the tools they need to set and achieve their goals. Project Success works. 90% of high school students report that Project Success helps them create a plan for graduation, and 90% of teachers report that Project Success helps students to be better problem solvers, be more self-aware of their strengths, be more motivated to succeed in school, and set goals for the future.

Adrienne with PS alumna & keynote speaker, Jaye Parker, at the Dreams to Action Breakfast.

We are excited to share that together we raised over $350,000 for students. We are grateful for our 2023 event sponsor, Bridgewater Bank.

Thank you to all who attended this year’s breakfast both in-person and online. As always, continue to reach out to Adrienne (adrienned@projectsuccess.org) if you want to talk more about how you can support our work. We look forward to another incredible year of supporting students to ignite success from within.