Money Management Certificate

During each two-hour meeting of the Money Management Certificate class, students will learn how to manage a personal budget while taking a critical look at how financial institutions affect our lives.  Our Money Management class will give you the opportunity to explore why money affects our lives in the way it does.  We will give you tools to help you to stay on top of your bills, manage credit, and pay for the plans you make after high school.

Who can register?

For High School students enrolled in Project Success partner schools. 

Is any of this true about you? 
  • You want to figure out how you’ll pay for your plans after high school.
  • You want to help your family to understand taxes, banking, credit, and other parts of financial life in the United States.
  • You wonder why financial life is harder for some people than others and you’d like to explore how to change that.
  • You want to remain financially stable even while you pursue big dreams in your life.
  • You want to help your community to understand how to navigate and transform difficult money situations.
  • You want to meet and build community with people you’ve never met before

If so, Money Management Certificate is a great fit for you!

Topics covered during a typical trimester:

Dreams and priorities

Income and taxes


Predicting and managing expenses





Paying for college

Money Management
Check back in the Fall for updates!

Questions? Contact Institute Program Manager Emily Vang at

All classes held at: 

Project Success
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Minneapolis, MN 55403

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