Bicycle Tech Lab Certificate

During each two-hour Bicycle Tech Lab, students will learn to maintain their bicycles from a Bike Professor trained by Quality Bicycle Products’ Break the Cycle program. Students who attend all six sessions will be eligible to apply for the Quality Bicycle Products Mechanics Scholarship.

Who can register?

For High School students enrolled in Project Success partner schools. 

Is any of this true about you? 
  • You like solving problems in a hands-on way.  You like taking things apart and figuring out how they work.   
  • You’re interested in learning about jobs in the growing field of cycling.   
  • You want to help to bring cycling and bike maintenance to a more diverse group of people.  
  • You want to stop spending money on bike repairs you can do by yourself at home.   
  • You want to connect with a community of people who care about environmental sustainability and spending time outdoors.  

If so, Bicycle Tech Lab is a great fit for you!

Topics covered during a typical trimester:

Fixing a flat tire

Bearing adjustments 

Wheel truing 

Brake adjustments

Derailleur adjustments 

Ensuring proper bike fit 

Bicycle Tech Lab 

Check back in the Fall for program updates!

Questions? Contact Institute Program Manager Emily Vang at

All classes held at: 

Project Success
1 Groveland Terrace
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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