Baking Certificate

During each two-hour session, you’ll team up with a partner to create mouthwatering baked goods, regardless of your previous baking experience. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a novice, our class will equip you with the skills to craft delicious treats from various baking traditions.

Who can register?

High School students enrolled in Project Success partner schools are welcome to register. 

Is any of this true about you? 
  • You enjoy baking and wish to improve your skills for fun.
  • You aspire to pursue a career in the food industry with a focus on baking expertise.
  • You’re looking for a fun and engaging activity to share with your friends on Wednesday afternoons after school.
  • You hope to connect with fellow baking enthusiasts in a safe and chill environment.
  • You’re eager to explore new baking techniques and experiment with recipes from around the world.


If any of these sound like you, the Baking Certificate is a perfect fit!

Topics covered during a typical trimester:

Baking Basics

Learn the essential baking principles, including ingredients, equipment, and safety measures.

Measuring Skills

Practice accurate measurement techniques for dry and liquid ingredients, and how to adjust recipes for different batch sizes.

Recipe Reading

Understand how to interpret and follow baking recipes effectively.

Baking Techniques

Get hands-on experience with various baking techniques like mixing, folding, whipping, and kneading.

Presenting Baked Goods

Discover how to make baked goods look attractive and visually appealing.


Identify and solve common baking problems that may arise.

Baking Science

Get a basic understanding of the science behind baking, including leavening agents, heat transfer, and gluten development.

Baking Certificate 

Check back in the Fall for updates!

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All classes held at: 

Project Success
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