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Staff Directory

Hours: Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

One Groveland Terrace, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Project SUCCESS Staff

Staff Directory

Adrienne Diercks,  Executive Director

Adrienne Diercks
Executive Director

Alana McQuirter, Facilitator

Alana McQuirter

Amy Stubblefield Barthel, Communications Manager

Amy Stubblefield Barthel
Communications Manager

Anne Skold, Program Coordinator

Anne Skold
Program Coordinator

Annick Dall, Facilitator

Annick Dall

April Foster, Facilitator

April Foster

Ashley Lopez
Program Coordinator

Caitlin DeVos, Administrative Manager

Caitlin DeVos
Administrative Manager

Chloë Cardinal, Administrative Assistant

Chloë Cardinal
Administrative Assistant

Elisabeth Caldwell, Program Coordinator

Elisabeth Caldwell
Program Coordinator

Emily Heagle, Senior Director of Advancement

Emily Heagle
Senior Director of Advancement

Hana Sato, Facilitator

Hana Sato

James Rone, Program Manager

James Rone
Program Manager

Jenny Batten, Program Manager - Experiential Learning

Jenny Batten
Program Manager, Experiential Learning

John Stark, Program Manager, Musicals

John Stark
Program Manager, Musicals

Kathleen Herding, Middle School Workshops Manager

Kathleen Herding
Middle School Workshops Manager

Katie Langemo, Lead Program Coordinator

Katie Langemo
Lead Program Coordinator

Kenny Nguyen

Khary Jackson, Theater Curriculum Associate

Khary Jackson
Theater Curriculum Associate

Kinzie Wiklander

Kinzie Wiklander
Program Coordinator

Kiah Eide, Program Operations Manager

Kiah Eide
Program Operations Manager

Laura Garcia, Director of Programs

Laura Garcia
Director of Programs

Linnea Fahnestock
Program Operations Manager

Liz Bedard Halberg, Director of Development and Communications

Liz Bedard Halberg
Director of Development and Communications

Marc Bromaghim-Oropeza, High School Workshops Manager

Marc Bromaghim-Oropeza
High School Workshops Manager

Marta Fraboni, Director of External Relations

Marta Fraboni
Director of External Relations

Matt Dreier, Director of Operations

Matt Dreier
Director of Operations

Micah Peterson-Brandt, Facilitator

Micah Peterson-Brandt

Miriam Osman
Development and Communications Assistant

Rose Yackley

Rose Yackley

Ryan Weldon, Facilitator

Ryan Weldon

Sai Chang, Development Manager

Sai Chang
Development Manager

Sam Krogstad, Facilitator

Sam Krogstad

Sarah Dunnavant

Sarah Dunnavant

Shanique Emelife
Program Coordinator

Shomari Whittaker
Director of Evaluation