Dreams to Futures Campaign

“School districts across the country would love to have Project Success. It would be great to expand it into every single school to help students prepare for today and tomorrow’s workforce.”

Dr. Brenda Cassellius
Current Superintendent, Boston Public Schools
Minnesota Commissioner of Education, 2010-18

Dreams to Futures is a multi-year program expansion campaign to double and deepen the impact of Project Success in our community and beyond. The results? The campaign will allow us to connect MORE students to their futures, igniting success from within.

Now is the time to deepen and expand.

in grades 6-12, up from just 68% of students just three years ago.


to expand out-of-school options and opportunities: out-of-state college tours, career exploration programs and certificates.


to widen our impact beyond the Twin Cities, including our 2018 Hamilton program, and new partnerships in Minnesota and beyond.


Help us serve more students and build on 27 years of impact.

Project Success works. We see statistically significant positive gains in on-time graduation rates, attendance, and most importantly grade point average, which is the greatest predictor of future success.”

Eric Moore
Chief of Academics and Accountability, Research and Equity

Minneapolis Public Schools

90% of students report that Project Success helps them set goals and create a plan for after graduation.

96% of teachers report that Project Success helps students set goals for the future.

50+% of all alumni said that Project Success “has had an impact on what I have been doing since high school graduation.”

Visit our Results page to see comprehensive results and data about Project Success and our work.


Our students need us. Our economy needs us.

“Minnesota needs a skilled, diverse workforce. We can’t afford to lose workers through educational neglect or relocation. Through the new Project Success Institute, funded by the Dreams to Futures Campaign, we are building that workforce by providing the support students need to imagine and map their futures right here in Minnesota.”

Charlie Montreuil
Project Success Board Member
VP Enterprise Rewards and Corporate HR
Best Buy


Margaret and Angus** Wurtele
Project Success Board of Directors
Best Buy Foundation
The Margaret A. Cargill Fund at the Minnesota Community Foundation
Pohlad Family Foundation
E.A. Michelson Philanthropy
Carlson Family Foundation
WEM 2000 Foundation
Blanche and Thane Hawkins
Steve and Susan Boren King
Smikis Foundation on behalf of
Lucy Hartwell**
Minnesota Vikings Foundation/ Wilf Family Foundations
Jim and Donna Pohlad
West Fork Foundation
Nancy and Rolf Engh


Grotto Foundation
Michael Peterman and David Wilson
Mary and Paul Reyelts Foundation
Super Bowl LII Legacy Fund
Camille A. Burke
The Otto Bremer Trust
Graves Foundation
Starkey Hearing Technologies
WEM Foundation
Ellen and Jan Breyer
Ellen Michelson
Wells Fargo
Lee and Peg Skold
John A. McCarty
Bruce F. Vento Science Educator Scholarship Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Bremer Bank

Commitments through June 30, 2019
**indicates deceased

If you made a donation during this time and do not see your name, please accept our apologies for the inadvertent omission and contact Emily in the Development Office at 612-874-0776 or emilyh@projectsuccess.org.

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