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Workshop Curriculum

Each month, Project SUCCESS' professional facilitators come to each English/Language Arts classroom in every school we serve to deliver our proven curriculum that is specifically designed help students set and achieve goals. Our curriculum is grade-specific, builds on on the work done in previous grades, and is integrated with the curriculum of English/Language Arts classes of the schools served and aligned with the Common Core Standards.

Middle School

Our middle school curriculum goals are to facilitate the students in increasing self-understanding, ability to set and achieve goals, and preparing for the transition to high school. We do this through a variety of workshop activities — drama exercises, group games, writing explorations, guest artists, discussions, and other creative approaches the facilitator has determined would best assist the achievement of our curriculum goals for a particular class or group of students. In addition to workshops, we offer enrichment activities such as student performances and trips to the BWCA to help them apply these skills, build confidence and take part in new experiences.

82% of middle school students say Project SUCCESS inspired and motivated them to pursue their dreams.

6th Grade: Dreams For Your Future

Our 6th grade curriculum introduces students to Project SUCCESS and encourages them to develop a relationship with their facilitator and their peers. Throughout this year we help students focus on the themes of dreams, self-exploration and building a supportive community. Every Project SUCCESS workshop encourages students to explore the future and themselves, and challenges them to express what they discover in creative ways. This year is essential in establishing an environment and a community that will be a safe and supportive space for those discoveries to take place. Since many students will be hearing about Project SUCCESS for the first time, this year also includes an introduction to our theater experiences, and to the power of theater and its potential to teach them about themselves.

7th Grade: Learning How To Set and Achieve Goals

The 7th graders continue the exploration of their dreams and are then asked to think about and take practical steps toward accomplishing those dreams. At Project SUCCESS, we define these steps as goals, and students will set both short- and long-term goals related to their dreams. Students are also encouraged to evaluate their success in accomplishing these goals, troubleshoot when their plan does not unfold in the way they predicted, and seek support from their community in imagining the steps necessary to fulfill their goals. Ultimately, students will place these goals into the larger context of middle and high school, developing a sense of how their current achievements are the building blocks of their future successes.

8th Grade: Preparation for High School

Much of the 8th grade year is spent in preparation for the important transition to high school. Throughout the Project SUCCESS grade 8 curriculum arc, we focus on consciously thinking and preparing for this transition, while continuing to practice goal-setting and encouraging students to be supportive community members. Helping students make this transition in a healthy manner is a key step in preparing them to accomplish their long-term goals and to avoid pitfalls along the way. As with previous years, our facilitators weave students' theater experiences into the workshops, encouraging them to relate these opportunities to the issues they are experiencing in their own lives. Our goal is that by the end of their 8th grade year, students have identified the people, experiences and skills they can take with them to high school, helping them develop a sense of confidence about the next academic year.

High School

Our high school curriculum goals are to help students further explore their self-understanding and passions and what they want out of high school, develop their skills to research and make choices, and prepare for life after graduation. By spring of their senior year, we want all students to have a personal, post-high school plan that best suits their needs, personalities, and goals and the life-skills that will serve their long-term future.  In addition to the classroom workshops, we offer college tours and one-on-one planning sessions to help them refine and achieve their future goals.

9th Grade: "Who Am I?" and "What Do I Want Out of High School?"

The first year of high school can be considered the most important time of high school. Although many of their major post-secondary decisions are two to three years in the future, the way in which students begin this journey can make their path smoother or rougher. The 9th grade curriculum arc helps students think consciously about themselves in this new envronment, and encourages them to continue this type of thinking throughout the rest of their time in high school (in fact, throughout their lives). Through discovering and rediscovering things about themselves (i.e. likes, dislikes, talents, areas of improvement), students are more likely to form a strong, healthy high school identity; one that will help them become the person they hope to be in the future.

10th Grade: What Are Your Passions?

Sophomore year is a great time for students to gather as much information as possible to help them develop a well-informed vision for their future and a better strategy for getting to that vision. The 10th grade curriculum gets more specific to the theme of passions, facilitating the students in learning more about what their interests are and how this can inform their post-high school path. Students are also challenged to think about how they make decisions, helping them understand how developing a personal process of thoughtful, conscious decision-making is a necessary tool for effective planning for the future. By the end of this year, students should have more information about themselves as students, about what is valuable to them, and about the multitude of options for the future available to them.

11th and 12th Grade: Preparation for Graduation and Beyond

When working with juniors and seniors we continue to focus on self-discovery, while getting more concrete and practical with regards to post-high school plans, and the steps students will take to complete their plans. Students are encouraged to visualize what life might look like after graduation and beyond. We discuss all the options and how to make decisions that best fits each student's needs and desires, all while helping them learn how to manage the stress that comes along with their post-secondary preparation. We provide college and career books, and the time to explore them with assistance. In addition to the monthly classroom workshops, we host one-on-one workshops after school where we provide continued support for students' plans, and we offer college tours to help students explore their options and refine their plans. Our goal is to meet each student where he or she is at. Whether it is helping fill out applications, or finding scholarships, or just brainstorming the possibilities; we are there to serve all students.