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Project SUCCESS workshops provide a non-judgmental, supportive forum where students can speak out and be heard, and where they learn to assess and find support for their goals. It is this direct support of students that allows Project SUCCESS to teach life-long skills of goal-setting and achievement that will assist students in their academic performance, long-term planning, and preparedness for post-secondary success.

In the Classroom

Each month, Project SUCCESS' professional facilitators come to every English/Language Arts classroom in each school we serve and lead an interactive workshop guided by our proven, grade-specific curriculum specifically designed to help students set and achieve goals. Our goal is that by spring of their senior year, each student has a personal post-high school plan that suits his or her needs, personality and goals. Students do not need to find us - we come to them, and we do not use a set a criteria to select a group of students so no one is differentiated and all students benefit as a community.  

After School

Students often seek help from their Project SUCCESS facilitator in meeting the personal goals they have set in our classroom workshops, so we offer one-on-one post-secondary planning support in the high schools we serve. There, the students' Project SUCCESS facilitator provides guidance in reviewing colleges and/or job opportunities, filling out college and financial aid applications, and in general, seeking the resources necessary to meet their personal goals and make post-secondary life a positive, productive experience.



Enrichment Services

We also adapt our curriculum for our wrap-around services, such as freshmen orientation events and student/school community-building events, and our regular out-of-school time activities such as student performances, college tours and BWCA Adventures. These workshops enhance and enrich students' experiences during these activities, making the impact on their confidence-, community-, and skill-building more meaningful.