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Nachito Herrera: Afro-Latin Renaissance



Saturday, December 1, 2018 at 7:30pm


The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts
345 Washington St
Minneapolis, MN 55102

About the Show

Acclaimed world-class musician Nachito Herrera’s Afro-Latin Renaissance combines classical Afro-Latin Cuban jazz, dance, and painting, drawing on the roots of Afro-American and Latin American communities and visiting the heart of our cultural identities. Using colors, flavors, and authenticity, Afro-Latin Renaissance proves once again the power of music as the universal language of unity and peace. 

Ordway Pre-Show Extra

Saturday, December 1, 2018
6:30PM | Target Atrium

Join us one hour before the show for the Ordway Extra to learn about the evening’s performance genre(s) and topics through lecture, dialogue, or demonstration of an art form during this 30-minute pre-show event. The speakers are primarily Twin Cities-based and have expertise on the evening’s topics, connecting the performance to the local art scene.

Children should be 10 years of age or older to attend this performance. Childcare will be provided for those under the age of 10. Please let us know if you need childcare when you make your reservation.


If you do not have access to a ride, call Project SUCCESS and we can provide transportation for you. Please let us know if you need a ride when you make your reservation. We will need at least 2 days’ notice to set up transportation.

Reserve Now

Call Project SUCCESS at (612) 874-7710

Invited students can pick up tickets at the Project SUCCESS table in the lobby of the theater on the dates of the performances. Please arrive 20 minutes before the show to pick up your tickets. Each student/family may receive up to 4 FREE tickets.

Thank you to Project SUCCESS theater partner, The Ordway Center, for providing tickets to students at no cost.


  • Nachito Herrera utilizes his classical training to express his identity as a Cuban musician. He understands the music at such a deep level that he can maintain the integrity of the music while finding space for his individual and cultural identity. How do we each find ways to embrace our identities in the spaces we're in? 

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Nachito Herrera gives an amazing performance and presentation at a TEDx event