Kaneza Schaal: “Jack &”



  • Friday, January 18, 2019 at 8:00pm


Walker Art Center
McGuire Theater
725 Vineland Pl
Minneapolis, MN 55403

About the Show

With topics ranging from The Honeymooners and Amos & Andy to debutante balls and social programs, JACK & is a place of theatrical imagination that inhabits the in-between space between dreams and reality. This comedy of errors starring Cornell Alston considers reentry to society after prison through a prism of ancestral ceremonies, baking fiascoes, feminist painters, and the dreaming one must sacrifice to the state while incarcerated. With references to diverse social codes, JACK & gives creative dream time its due. Featuring design by artist/author Christopher Myers and live music by Rucyl Mills.

Contains mature themes. Children should be 14 years of age or older to attend this performance. 


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  • This show reminds us that while criminal justice reform has received more attention in recent years, the process of re-entry into society receives less focus. Why do you think these artists find this topic meaningful for the audience?
  • Not everyone is encouraged to dream of their desired future. And some may dream only modestly, rather than allow their most exciting dream to live in their mind. Why do you think dreaming might be hard for some to do?

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