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Phone: 612-874-7710
Fax: 612-377-3540

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Hours: Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

One Groveland Terrace, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Attend a Performance

 Make a Reservation!

Just call Project SUCCESS at (612) 874-7710.

The theater events calendar is below.


Students and families are offered up to four tickets per performance, at no cost to you, thanks to our generous theater partners! Tickets must be reserved. If extra tickets are requested, we keep a standby list.  If there are any cancellations or greater ticket availability, we will call you immediately. See below for the theater event calendar. Events indicate which schools are invited, and the key for schools is below the calendar.

You pick up your tickets on the night of the performance at the Project SUCCESS table, which we set up in the theater lobby. We do not send the tickets to you. Please arrive at the theater about half an hour before the play begins. Tickets are held under the student's name. Students must attend in order to utilize the tickets.

Project SUCCESS Theater Calendar

AS= Anne Sullivan Communication Center (grades 6-8)
AW = Anwatin Middle School
E = Edison High School
F = Franklin Middle School
J = Jefferson Community School (grades 6-8)
M = Marcy Open (grades 6-8)
NE = Northeast Middle School
N = North High Academies 
O = Olson Middle School
PH = Patrick Henry High School
R = Roosevelt High School
SF = Sanford Middle School
S= South High School
SW = Southwest High School
WB = Washburn High School