TOU SAIK LEE: Solidarity Process

This opportunity is recommended for high school students.


This performance can be viewed anytime.

About the Show

Join Cedar Artist Collective member Tou SaiK Lee as he unveils the Solidarity Process, three curated collaborations between artists from Black and Asian backgrounds. This is a continuation of We Believe in Unity: Black and Asian Solidarity, a program that premiered on The Cedar Public Access Channel on July 2nd.

For the Solidarity Process, dancers Averie Mitchell-Brown and Karen Yang choreographed a set of powerful moves that flow, migrate and shift perceptions for harmony. Twin Cities Bboys Lue “Finisher” Thao, Storm McKee, Ian “Slinky” Smith and Vong Lor came together to display compelling movements for the movement. Urban music artists Cydi Livin’ Wabi Sabi and SoloStar combine elements of language arts, melody, and storytelling to captivate us through their a cappella inspiration.

These performances create a counter-narrative to how media can divide communities with negative stereotypes and how different cultures can build bridges together to see commonality. A response to what “solidarity” can look like, this program continues to push the narrative of racial justice by unifying diverse voices through creativity.

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  • Like in any community, there can be conflicts. Sometimes those conflicts are between different groups or cultures. But there are times when those conflicts are set aside for a larger goal. Do you think that is true in Minnesota right now?
  • Among those supporting the local Black Lives Matter movement is the family of Fong Lee, who was killed by Minneapolis police in 2006. Why is it meaningful that Fong Lee’s family has joined the protest for George Floyd and Black lives overall?
  • What does solidarity mean to you?

Contains mature themes and language. Children should be 14 years of age or older to attend this performance. 

This opportunity is offered courtesy of our Project Success theater partner, Cedar Cultural Center.


KARE 11 feature on Black and Asian solidarity and the challenges that may come with it