Livestream: Animal Wisdom

This opportunity is recommended for high school students.


This performance is a one-time-only livestream available Saturday, May 15 – Sunday, June 13, 2021.

About the Show

Do you believe in ghosts? Take a virtual front row seat for this original film of the acclaimed musical séance, Animal Wisdom, where singer-songwriter-soothsayer Heather Christian lays to rest the souls that haunt her. Christian shapeshifts between rock star, folklorist and high priestess as she conjures a constellation of souls in an effort to confront her family’s mythologies.

With raucous, ferocious music that fuses blues, gospel and folk, Heather Christian invites you to raise a glass to the unseen forces that shape our lives. Adapted from the stage production that had a sold-out and acclaimed run at The Bushwick Starr, Animal Wisdom offers a transporting experience where a concert becomes a mass, and a mass becomes a séance, all in your living room.

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  • This show is, among other things, about letting go of what has held onto us for long enough. This may be in a literal or metaphorical sense. What is one thing that you would like to let go of? And what is one thing you’d like us collectively to let go of?
  • This show is written from a Catholic point of view, yet the overall themes can be relatable beyond differences in personal belief. How can we learn from different worldviews?
  • Despite this being a film, you will be invited to participate by utilizing items in your own home (this is entirely optional). How might your experience of a show change when you’re asked to participate on a more personal level?

Contains mature themes including explicit language, discussions of grief, dementia, cancer, enslaved peoples, hauntings, and death of a loved one. Children should be 14 years of age or older to view this performance. 

This opportunity is offered courtesy of our Project Success theater partner, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company.


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