This opportunity is recommended for middle school and high school students.


This performance can be viewed anytime.

About the Show

“joyUS justUS” is a participatory Urban Latin Dance Theater experience that takes on joy as the ultimate expression of resistance. Whenever humans have survived immense hardship and injustice, prevailing with their humanity intact, the presence of joy­­ or, the knowingness and celebration of our true beauty and power has always been at the root. “joyUS justUS” reclaims the dominant deficit ­based narrative of people of color in this country as being underprivileged, voiceless, powerless, and victimized, and flips it on its head by embodying stories of joy collected from communities of color in South Los Angeles. The stories shared in this work are personal truths about the power of hope, faith, and family, the strength of the villages that have raised our children and the wealth that lives in our collective histories of struggle and resistance.

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  • This dance company presents joy as a form of resistance. What does this mean to you? How can resistance against oppression include joy?

This opportunity is made publicly available courtesy of CONTRA-TIEMPO and The Lincoln Center.