Cirque du Soleil 60-minute special – Alegría, Kooza, KÀ

This opportunity is recommended for middle school and high school students.


This performance can be viewed anytime.

About the Show

World renowned circus Cirque du Soleil invites you for a new 60-minute special featuring awe-inspiring moments from Alegría, Kooza and KÀ.

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  • One of the reasons circus shows are so exciting is that we get to see people doing things that are so difficult, it’s hard to imagine how they’re doing it. However this doesn’t only happen onstage. Each of us has strengths and skills that someone else might think are too challenging for them to do. You might view someone else’s strengths in the same way. Who is someone in your life that amazes you with what they do?
  • Another cool thing about the circus is that it’s so inclusive of many different talents. There’s a place for anyone. That may be easier to achieve onstage than in real life, but it’s important that we make sure everyone feels welcomed, accepted and seen. What is one thing you do to help someone else feel welcomed in your community?

Presents risky physical acts that should not be attempted at home. Children should be 11 years of age or older to view this performance. 

This opportunity is made publicly available courtesy of Cirque du Soleil.