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School Partners

Since 1994, Project SUCCESS has developed strong and enduring partnerships with schools, founded on high integrity, strong programming, and a proven curriculum. Minneapolis Public Schools see Project SUCCESS as a primary partner in providing activities that help students gain critical skills for success in school and life.

Minneapolis High School Partners:

Edison High School

Longfellow Alternative High School

North Academies

Patrick Henry High School

Roosevelt High School

South High School

Southwest High School

Washburn High School

Wellstone International High School

Minneapolis Middle School Partners:

Andersen United Community School

Anne Sullivan Communication Center

Anwatin Middle School

Franklin Middle School

Jefferson Middle School

Marcy Open School

Northeast Middle School

Olson Middle School

Sanford Middle School

Our partnerships in the schools are unique through:

  • the integration of all our program components serving the whole child over time — providing students with tools, class-time and space for self-reflection and goal-setting; offering theater experiences that inspire and connect; and designing special opportunities for students' personal growth and goal achievement — that uniquely complement a student's academic career and promote their future success;
  • our commitment and ability to work with each  student and their families (we are the only program with access to every English classroom every month for each student- we do not use a set of criteria to select a group of students so no one falls through the cracks, no one is differentiated, and all students benefit as a whole community);
  • the unique relationship we develop with students continuously in and out of the classroom for as many as seven years, providing trusted adults who know their dreams and goals, and how they change over the years, allowing us the unique advantage to build upon the students' previous years' experiences; and
  • our commitment to focusing on each individual student's short term and long term aspirations including but not exclusive to the possibility of college. Our passion is seeing kids dreams become reality and we believe the possibilities are endless. We don't tell them what they should do; we provide them with the inspiration and practical tools to figure it out for themselves.


We are thankful to each school for their support and look forward to long-lasting partnerships that allow us to positively reach students.