Voyage to Antarctica – The Seventh Continent

Have you ever experienced the stench of whale breath as the spray from its blowhole drifts gently across your cheek? Or had a king penguin peck inquisitively at your trouser leg? What about looked into the dark eyes of a silverback mountain gorilla as it chews through bamboo just metres away watching your every move? Or heard the sound of polar bears fighting over a walrus kill on a remote Arctic beach?

Helen Ahern is a professional Naturalist Guide on expeditions that explore the most remote reaches of our planet. Deeply involved in conservation in her home country of New Zealand, Helen now works as a full-time guide. She is an educationalist by profession, an explorer by heart and has travelled extensively across all seven continents and oceans. Her passion lies in sharing and interpreting unique wildlife experiences and interacting with rich, vibrant cultures.

Project Success invites you to join Helen Ahern for her presentation, Voyage to Antarctica – The Seventh Continent, as she presents video and photos from her expeditions and shares with you her journey towards guiding global adventures as a career choice!

Thursday, March 11

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