2022 Boundary Waters Canoe Adventure

Our BWCA Canoe Adventure is back and we are thrilled to invite 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from Andersen, Anne Sullivan, Anthony, Anwatin, Franklin, Jefferson, Justice Page, MPS Online, Northeast, Olson and Sanford Middle Schools to join us!

This week-long experience supports our programming by inspiring students to set goals, practice support and experience success in the most beautiful setting in Minnesota. Students will be spending every day paddling canoes on beautiful lakes, hiking wooded trails and moving through the wilderness each day to get to a new campsite. There will also be plenty of time for making new friends, swimming, looking for animals, laughing, exploring, singing and bonding with fellow campers!


Trip 1: June 15-21, 2022

Trip 2: June 16-22, 2022

Trip 3: June 24-30, 2022

Trip 4: June 25 – July 1, 2022

With the recent extension of the MPS school year, we wanted to give you an update that all of the Project Success BWCA trip dates remain as scheduled. We have been working closely with MPS to ensure our middle schools’ students who are registered, or plan to register, are able to attend. MPS has confirmed these trips will continue as planned and we will be in touch with further details on specific handlings of these excused absences.


The trip cost is $600. If a family can afford to pay the entire amount, we appreciate that they do so, allowing us to continue to take more students on this valuable trip. However, Project Success wants to ensure we include all students who really want to go, regardless of cost. Need-based scholarships are available and easy to obtain for up to $550 of the trip fee. Scholarship applications are included in the online application.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Program Manager, Jenny Batten at jennyb@projectsuccess.org.

2022 BWCA Canoe Adventure!

Space is limited on this very popular trip and may fill up before the April 29th deadline. 


Questions about Project Success Outdoor Adventures programming? Reach out to Program Manager Jenny Batten.




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