Global Connections: Mexico

Mexico – September and October

We are kicked off this series exploring and participating in various events throughout Mexico. We discovered the cultural, artistic, and natural history museums in Querétaro. We delved into a five-day festival featuring Mexican artists in the realms of theater, music, opera, and the arts, and closed out this session tuning in to the amazing percussion group, Tambuco. To watch some of the recorded events, see below! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Global Experiences Associate, Anne, at or 612-876-3920.

Global Experiences – In 2019, a small group of middle school students partook in a trip to Mexico to learn more about the nation’s history and culture. This year, join Project Success as we partake in events from around Mexico from the comfort of our homes.

Noche de Museos – 9a Edición 

Night at the Museums in Querétaro – 9th Edition already happened. If you missed this event, but would like to watch some of the following highlights, click on the links:

Night of the Museums
Photo Courtesy of: Secretaría de Cultura del Municipio de Querétaro Facebook page


The Tambuco concert through the Library of Congress has already passed. However, if you would like to watch the recorded event, you can on the Library of Congress’ website.

Description: Tune in for this performance through the Library of Congress. Tambuco is a group of four top percussionists that will be playing live from Veracruz, México. They have been performing for twenty-five years and weave numerous instruments into their music. “Tambuco is versatility, originality and virtuosity in a musical communion that describes and celebrates our diversity and unites the ancestral origin of percussion with the future of musical languages.” Ricardo Gallardo, Artistic Director (Quote from the Library of Congress website.)

Photo Courtesy of: Library of Congress events page