George Floyd: A Message to our Students and Families

June 2020

Mural by local artists Cadex Herrera, Greta McLain, and Xena Goldman. Photo by Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images.

To our Project Success students and families,

Project Success is here and will continue to be here for you. We stand alongside many of you who are raising your voices for change against the systemic racism of our state and country. All of us at Project Success have been processing, reflecting, and acting on the news of the wrongful murder of George Floyd here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a community we are all connected to. Our hearts ache for the family and friends of George Floyd and the Black and Brown communities that experience trauma like this on a consistent basis.

Your Project Success Facilitators have refocused their attention to support you and the community by participating in food donation drives, protests and rallies, as well as taking care of themselves and their loved ones, alongside many of you. We hope you all have the time and space to be angry, to be sad, to be heard, to be yourselves, to be energized, to be lonely, to be connected, and/or to just be.

At Project Success, we value each of you, but we know that all lives will not matter in this country until Black Lives Matter. We will keep fighting alongside you for justice for George Floyd and for a better future.

We know that dreaming for the life that you want doesn’t come without obstacles and challenges. What we’ve seen over the past week is community coming together. We will always be here to offer you opportunities to stay connected to your dream and to show you how much we believe in your powerful future.

Next week, students will receive one final Digital Program Email from us — your last of the school year. The content will be there for you whenever you are ready; our PS staff is there for you whenever you need us.

With love,

Your Project Success Team