The Lion King 2015

Starring Sanford Student Actors & Technicians

Exuberantly and professionally performed by Sanford Middle School 6th, 7th and 8th grade students, December 4 and 5, 2015.

Director: Jeffry Lusiak
Production Manager: Jeff Wells
Musical Direction: Anita Ruth
Choreography: Trudy Monette

The Lion King

The Lion King is an exciting stage adaptation of the 1994 Disney animated film. It’s the story of Simba, the lion prince, and his life in the African Pride Lands. When he is driven into exile by a tragedy, he meets some new friends and grows up in the jungle. As an adult, he’s called back to his home to save his suffering kingdom.


RAFIKI: Rayna Acha
SIMBA: Alas Douglas
YOUNG NALA: Guille Bastian McClain
NALA: Shahad Geer
MUFASA: Cass Carl
SCAR: Jack Holloway
ZAZU: Lila Allgood

SARABI: Camila Pedroza-Garcia
SARAFINA: Irena Wilson
BANZI: Ethan Mason
SHENZI: Joy Grandberry
ED: Joshua Hoffman
TIMON: Semele Zewde
PUMBA: Joy Meyers


Rahma Ahmed
Abe Albright
Margaret Anderson
Ilyas Bouzouina
Annika Brown
Haley Carlsen
Zora Cavell
Shayla Courteau
Hailey Davis
Josie Ferguson
Jamal Geer
Nikolette Graffunder
Aila Haku
Nawal Hassan
Isra Hirsi

Jacob Hoekstra
Nina Huseby
Willie Jordan
Santino Jubera
Chanyanuch Kantharak
Elle Kelbrants
Elliot Kennedy
Amelia Kroesch
Indran Kutty
Lillian Lamb
Olivia Lee
Claire Lind
Mya Lynch
Emily May
Emily Merryman

Ellie McDonald
Ahmar Mohamed
Emmanuel Nunez Dominguez
Cecilia O’Connor
Rachel Olivarez
Ella Parish
Mack Pearson-Muggli
Madison Pohl
Sylvie Rainville
Lamown Saul
Cate Smart
Carl Swanson
Michael Zeibot