Frog and Toad 2013

Starring Sanford Student Actors & Technicians

Enthusiastically and beautifully performed by Sanford Middle School students.

Director: Jeffry Lusiak
Choreography: Trudy Monette
Musical Direction: Anita Ruth

A Year with Frog and Toad  is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International.

On December 6 and 7, 2013, more than 70 Sanford’s 6th, 7th and 8th grade actors and technicians inspired and entertained audiences with four heartwarming performances of the musical A Year with Frog and Toad, a universal story about friendship. Students rehearsed every day for eight weeks with professional artists and quality sound, lighting, sets and costumes. The school musical is one of the key ways in which Project Success helps students build confidence, gain new experiences, and learn more about themselves and each other through the power of theater.


FROG: Kate Anderson
TOAD: Walker Ferguson
SNAIL: Nevaeh Wade
BIRDS: Faheem Newman, Jessica Anderson, Addie Scott
TURTLE: Natashia Otiso
MOUSE: Lewis Martin*

LIZARD: Ray Johnson Jensen*
MOLE: Jack Verchota
FATHER FROG: Sam Albright
MOTHER FROG: Ariel Novotny
YOUNG FROG: Mia Gerold


Aamir Turner
Abigail Greer
Aila Haku
Alicia Abbott
Amanda Petro
Anya Naylor
Aria Wanek
Camila Pedroza-Garcia
Cass Carl*
Chloe Gustafson
Connor Garber*
Danny Mabee
Daisy Arens
Eleanore Hunt*
Ella Parish
Ella Spurbeck
Ellie McDonald
Elliana Bannerman
Emily May*
Erik Verchota*
Erin Merritt
Genvieve Anderson
Gerald Davis

Haley Carlsen
Hannah Dirks
Iona Hamren
Isabel Bergemann
Jack Holloway*
Jackie Sylte
Jack Galle
Joey Leehey
Josie Ferguson
Josh Erion
Julia Stensaas*
Justina Milon
Jonna Carroll
Kat Bornhausen
Katherine Quackenbush
Kayelynn Younkin
Katie Kelbrants*
LeeAnn Rasinski
Leah Vanek
Liban Jama
Lilah Schultz
Madelyn Dieffenbach
Maggie Anderson

Melissa Gubrud*
Mira Naughton Herbach
Nico Graffunder
Rakia Ali
Rayna Acha
Robyn Hanson
Rose Opstad
Rykiah Welke
Salma Ali
Sebastian Cross
Semele Zewde
Shayla Courteau
Sheyenne Atheneos
Silje Bergland Drarvik
Siri Hanson
Sophia Stout
Sydney Miller
Tatiyana Reeves
Ted Jorstad
Willow Piotrowski
Waralee Kantharak
Zora Cavell

* underwater ballet dancers