New Year, New Look: Project Success Goes Big and Bold for Students in 2019

January 8, 2019

On January 3, 1994, the first Project Success workshop took place at North High School in Minneapolis, facilitated by founder and executive director Adrienne Diercks. In 2019, Project Success (PS) is celebrating its 25th year with a bold new look and a deeper focus on connecting students to their purpose. 

“The new brand is a celebration of Project Success’ 25-year history. It represents 25 years of putting students first, and the incredible people and partners who have helped us provide our students and families hundreds of opportunities each year,” said Adrienne Diercks. “We are doubling and deepening our impact. This brand will help launch us into the next quarter century as we dream big with our students and families.”

Our new look elevates the PS brand to match the consistent quality and success we’ve been recognized for over the last 25 years. The reimagined Project Success logo represents the unique path every student takes in their journey to self-discovery. The letters are individually designed as ‘building blocks’ that support the process and goals each student sets to put their dreams into action. The use of red is a brand identifier and a preservation of the legacy of Project Success. Our students often refer to us as “the team in the red t-shirts” and while we have a new look, it’s important to note that we remain the same trusted team that our students and families have always known.

Since day one, we have invested deeply in youth because we believe the key to success exists within each individual if empowered to unlock it. In 2019 we will provide even more students with the love, support, and experiences they need to ignite success from within.

Each component of PS programming — curriculum, arts, expeditions and certificates — comes together as part of our unique “students-first” methodology, which along with our outcomes, truly sets Project Success apart. Over the last 25 years, we’ve seen qualitatively and quantitatively that Project Success works: 90% of high school students report that PS helps them create a plan for after graduation, and students who participate see gains in graduation rates, attendance and GPA — all predictors of student success*.

Today, Project Success partners with 19 Minneapolis middle and high schools. We serve more than 14,000 students and their families and have connected to more than 100,000 since the program began. We provide 4,200 goal-setting workshops for students each year in their English/Language Arts classes. Every member of our 36-person staff is dedicated to motivating and inspiring young people to dream about the future, helping them take steps to get there and giving them the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Thank you for being a part of the Project Success family. We hope you will continue to support our work of connecting students to their purpose, for the next quarter century and beyond, because what students discover in themselves becomes magnified in the world!