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Project Success celebrates its 25th year with a bold new look and a deeper focus on connecting students to their purpose.

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BI Worldwide – 20 Years of Partnership in Sharing Our Story

May 6, 2015

Twenty-two years ago, when Project Success was just beginning, Joel Hoefle was just starting his own printing and marketing company called Digital Marketing.  Joel was inspired by Project Success’ mission and became a founding Board Member of Project Success. Project Success Executive Director Adrienne Diercks and Joel Hoefle supported each other as they built their organizations – a strong partnership that lasted through successes and challenges over many years.

Joel remained on the Board of Directors for nearly 15 years and during that time, Digital Marketing became a critical part of Project Success’ growth and service to our constituents. They donated important printing and marketing services and materials, such as invitations for each of our theater experiences mailed to students and their families’ households each month, brochures about our program activities for families, and fundraising letters.

In 2012, Digital Marketing was purchased by BI Worldwide, and the decades-long partnership has continued and grown. Each year, BI Worldwide has continued to donate printing services for theater invitations, brochures, cards and many other materials that help Project Success communicate with more than 12,000 students and their families each year and hundreds of donors and friends. The value of this partnership is enormous, allowing Project Success to direct more of our cash resources toward the activities directly serving our students and their families, and to share our stories and encourage participation through high-quality printed materials.

Julie Knoblauch with Tony Oliva at Fielding Dreams

For more than 16 years, Julie Knoblauch, Production Floor Supervisor at Digital Marketing and then BI Worldwide, has directly shepherded Project Success printing projects on her floor. She said:

“Project Success provides many opportunities for youth to build confidence and gain new experiences. The printing and production service we provide Project Success is just one way we can help this great organization better serve the students and families who participate in their program. We are proud to partner with an organization that is making a real difference for our community.”

BI Worldwide Director of Production Services Jeremy King began working with Project Success in 2014. In that short time, he has found the value in this partnership, and said:

“It is a wonderful experience to be part of Project Success. After seeing the care and attention that is given to every individual student, you will understand how powerful a cause of this nature can be. We are grateful to help out how we can, and the reason why we help out is how closely Project Success’ values match with our own.”

Project Success has been fortunate to work with many long-term in-kind partners including BI Worldwide, Lifetouch, GAK Visuals, Clockwork Active Media, more than 34 Twin Cities theater partners, and many more who help us fulfill our mission for the youth we serve.

For more information on how to donate to Project Success’ campaign for growth, contact Emily Heagle, director of development and communications, at