Pippin 2016

Starring Marcy Open School Student Actors & Technicians

In March of 2016, more than 70 6th, 7th and 8th grade student actors and technicians participated in Pippin at Marcy Open School, bringing a unique adaptation of the musical theater classic to life on-stage.

Director: Jeffrey Wells
Production Manager: Anna Landherr
Musical Direction: Anita Ruth
Choreography: Trudy Monette

Heir to the Frankish throne, the young prince Pippin is in search of the secret to true happiness and fulfillment. He seeks it in the glories of the battlefield, the temptations of the flesh and the intrigues of political power (after disposing of his father King Charlemagne the Great). In the end, though, Pippin finds that happiness lies not in extraordinary endeavors, but rather in the un-extraordinary moments that happen every day.


PIPPINS: Ella Chmielewski, Téa Dekker, William Hawley, Howard Henderson, Cristal Kabeya, Lukas Nederloe
LEADING PLAYERS: Amiya Delaney, Riley Kent, Nora Nederloe, Molly Sullivan, Myranda Philpot
CHARLES: Djinn Kabeya

FASTRADA: Sofia Evenson
LEWIS: Ian Silver
BERTHE: Lucy Stich
CATHERINE: Isabella Spiess
THEO: Henrich Michlitsch


Sharmarke Abdi
Kai Anderson-Lantz
Oscar Bakken-Durchslang
Keane Betz
Solveig Bremer
Ivan Brown
Gwen Bubser
Liam Burns
Liam Campbell
Tobias Carr
Tamiera Chatman
Annabelle Craves
Elizabeth Damberg
Angelina Deluney
Gabriel Eduarte
Iris Eichinger
Andrew Fischer
Savanna Gartner
Avi Hankel

Jasper Hatch-Surisook
Reese Hennen
Jack Hewitt-Perry
Wilson Hunter
Olivia Janousek
Adam Jesse
Catherine Jewett
Beatrice Kennedy-Logan
Maggie McGee-Plouffe
Eleanor Meier
Milo Miles
Sophie Mord
Boyd Lillian
Murphy Clarice Niebergall
Maya O’Brien
Ava Orris
Ana Peralta-Diaz
Allen Reckin
Lydia Reep

Meera Safford
Milena Sedrakyan
Reena Shenoy
Gosha Shurkin
Soren Sidorfsky
Finn Silver
Finn Smith
Kate Sosa
Tehya Spears
Joe Telda
Marie Venberg-Baete
Maeve Walls
Harper Ward
Elizabeth Warren
Kinsley Wilcox-McBride
Sam Witthoft
Abrea Woller
Davis Zeis